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Why Salsa?  Salsa is an addiction!  It’s a great way to have fun, get in shape,  meet great people, and form lasting friendships.   Salsa Can Change Your Life!

What if I do not have a partner?   No Problem!  We rotate students frequently during the classes and workshops.  We encourage students to meet to new people.  By experiencing different leads and follows, students become better dancers.

Do I have to know how to dance to attend the social event?  Many people come who do not dance but just enjoy meeting people, hanging out, listening to music, and watching the entertainment on the floor.  There is an Introduction Class at the beginning of each event (No Partner Required) to help get you started.  Have Fun!

What do I wear to class? Comfortable clothes.  Jeans are acceptable.   Please wear shoes with a smooth bottom.  Ladies: Preferably a 2.5 -3 inch heel but not required.

What shoes do I wear? Everyone needs to wear shoes with a smooth bottom.  No tennis shoes or shoes with tread because the shoes will stick to the floor.  No flip flops or slip-ons because the shoes can slip off your feet.   Ladies:  Preferably a 2.5 – 3 inch heel but not required.  Gentlemen:  Typically wear a dress shoe.

When can I join classes?  Students may join at ANY time.  Punch-cards are available for packages of 4.

What if I miss a class?   We offer a Punch-card system so that you can keep track of your classes. 

Can I join a higher level?   In order to join a higher level, students must personally test with the instructor before class.  Only an instructor can place a student in an upper level, students may not place themselves.

Do I have to take all 4 classes consecutively?   We do recommend that you try to take the classes as close together as possible or students may consider taking a private to catch up with their Level.  

Do you offer refunds? Sorry, we cannot give refunds but we will offer you class credit.  Your Classes never expire.

Can I use my class credits towards workshops?   Class credits are only good for SGSC regular classes.  Workshops are with Special Guest Instructors and they are separate from regular SGSC classes.

Do you accept credit cards?  We accept credit cards, cash, or checks.

What is the age limit? 21 and up for the club event.   16 and up for classes and workshops.

How do I get good? Well, it depends.  Like everything in life, you get out what you put in.  Practice regularly, attend social dances, find a practice partner, take advantage of all opportunities – classes, guest workshops, social dancing, and out-of-town events.  But most of all, Have Fun!